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Skillful usage of technology gives a touch of wonder to mind

A 3D pen is a gift of robotics to the artists who love to infuse creative aesthetics into science. This particular type of tool also known as a 3Doodler aids graphic designers and painters to craft manually artifacts with the 3-dimensional fervor. Plastic fibers of types PLA or ABS or TPU are first smelted in heat and then by a specific and recognized cool-off process are brought to cool. All along the method, the doodler is moved throughout the substance and the envisioned shape or mold is devised.

A very pleasurable usage of this definite sort of pen has been made by the graphical artist Mirjan van de Hel. Her posted snapshots of her 3D handicrafts are real marvel to watch. The shape of the cycle, the texture of the going-down bird, the finesses of the eye, all inspires awe for her. The shadows created by these objects also stun the cognizance.

Mirjan perfectly proves when 5 months of dedication gets blended with creative prowess, what magnificent result emerges.
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        On The road

        Fallen bird


        The eye

        Oak and leaves


        Pen and ink

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