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Nurture of love to the expertise of creativity

Pets are the most soulful blessing of life. In one hand whereas days get overwhelmed by their truants, in another manner, the most authentic mate for life is received. The walk with one’s dog, or the play time with one’s cat are the most pure moments of happiness experienced within the flow of a day.

What level of artistic marvel can be produced when to the strokes of the brushes the vibe of animal fondness gets mixed is clearly demonstrated by the paintings Olga Peganova. She nourishes her drawings by the dose of her affection for the furry and tailed ones and the pinch of her fascination about them. The snaps of these illustrations are uploaded by the prided daughter Yana Antonova.

All of these artworks are truly spell-binding to view and realize. Among them the dreamy image of girl cuddling her horse, the bunny feeding over a cactus and the pug sporting a Christmas cap are too dainty too adore.

More Info: Boredpanda | Image Credits: Etsy

Portrait of a girl with her toy horse

Blue rabbit having a cactus flower for breakfast

Love each other! Love pugs!

More pugs. Pugs are never enough

When your dog loves you and love your cat

Red sweaters




True friends

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