Sunday , January 17 2021
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Novelty in the manner of mental stimulation

Every day, complexities at home and office erode a bit by bit the physical and mental vigor of individuals. When they take down the streets, tensions and stresses of various kinds remain clouded over their brains. They look at the shops and the various happenings at the roadsides, but cannot find anything to get a vibe of positivity or happiness.

Keeping this in mind, a Bulgarian individual has come up with the most exquisite of ideas. In the one’s home town at Sofia, the person has installed various enticing kinds of hoarding at the crossing points of the lanes and busy roads. Displayed in the form of indications of traffic, these boards will to pep minds as they cross paths and move ahead.

By texturing these boards by the designs of rocket and flying cyclist etc and by the slogans like ‘Take Me to the Moon’, this Bulgarian person gives the daily dose of pep talk to every fellow person in the city.
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