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Top 10 Best Sandy Fox movies and tv shows – Good For Your Spare Time

Sandra Marie Fox shortly called as Sandra Fox was born on 13th July 1963 in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. As an American singer and voice actress, she has attained many glories in the film and television world. Films such as ‘Puppy in my Pocket,’ ‘As Told by Ginger’ are some of the best Sandy Fox movies which are worth mentioning. She has also acted in some of the popular video games in the popular Disgaea series and many other of a similar kind.

Her voice has helped Sandra to gain popularity in the film world. Some of her works in the movies such as Bleach, Naruto, Bottle Fairy are simply outstanding. These films helped her to get a large fan base from all parts of the country.

Sandra Fox is wedded to Lex Lang who is also a voice actor. In fact, he has appeared as a contestant to Sandra in Whammy, a popular game show. Interestingly, Fox took her voice-over career after her formal training from Sue Blu in 1990. He is one of the leading animation directors and film producers, from the city of Los Angeles. Her live action in Betty Boop has been rated as one of the Sandy Fox movies and tv shows and this assignment has helped the actress to get several awards.