Sunday , January 17 2021
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Luminance gets a new definition

In the literal sense, the words of light and dark are the two aspects of one same dimension. By mixing creativity into technology, the visual artist Marko Bolkovic and his accomplices Igor Vasiljev and Zoran Licul have given this philosophical sense actuality in the real world.

After 2 years of envisioning and 7 months of dedicated labor, these masterminds came up with 33 luminescent and analytical subjects that constitute of one whole installation. The totality rotates and gives the readings of LIGHT and DARK. With a breadth of 400 meters and a 3 feet height, this is perfect pleasure to the eyes.

Through these pieces, Marko and his group claim to depict the journey of human life from confusion to repose. Under the patronization of their venture Visualia Group, these Croatian artists have really opened a new dimension to art. It is worth spending time in remaing engaged in the lure of their pieces.
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