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Top 12 elizabeth taylor Women’s Perfumes – Best Men’s Cologne 2017

Why elizabeth taylor Fragrance is the best for him or her?

Elizabeth Taylor Perfumes fragrances have been named after the legendary celebrity of Hollywood who combined stunning looks with immense talent. Similarly, the fragrances combine the elements of stunning effects with exotic aroma. The products have become so popular in the industry that it caused the exit from market of many celebrity backed fragrances.

First perfume of the company was introduced in 1987 and was captioned as Passion. It marked the beginning of an exceptional fragrance empire that has been highly successful and is extremely popular in the consumer circles. The perfumes have earned rave reviews from experts and users alike. Passion was followed by Exotic Diamonds and Emeralds, Sparkling Diamonds & Rubies, as well as Sparkling Diamonds and Sapphires among others.

Elizabeth Taylor fragrances are produced by Elizabeth Ardent, one of the leading players in perfumes and fragrances market. The fragrances not only exert exotic aroma but has considerably durability as well that gives them lasting effects.

The company that earned its inspiration from the life of the legendary actress and celebrity Elizabeth Taylor continues to manufacture and market varieties of perfumes and colognes for men and women alike. Many of its products like Passion and White Diamond continues to be leaders in the market even after 20 years of their launching.

Below Are Top 12 elizabeth taylor Perfumes For Women and Best Fragrance or Cologne For Men You Should Check Out!

  • 1

    Revel in the passionate side of your personality with this fragrance

    This perfume was launched in the year 1989, and since then it has captivated many ladies around the world. It has been designed by the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, and it reflects the unleashed zest for life.  Cast an enigmatic spell on your followers by wearing this perfume to work or on a casual outing.

  • 2

    Enchantment of Peach Violet Eyes Perfume

    From this vogue collection of Elizabeth Taylor comes this swish Violet Eyes incense that is targeted for the Eves who love to spread their beguile. The wondrous fusion of purple rose and peony make the splash to be the heart-stealer one. This 201o piece furnish womanhood with that allure which outweighs all other conjures of the world.

  • 3

    Splendor of Grace Gardenia Elizabeth Taylor Perfume

    This urbane 2003 Gardenia incense from the famed house of Elizabeth Taylor is the fit pal for the Eves when they require attaining an exclusive event or invitation. The brilliance of the lily of the valley and the pep of the greeneries contribute to define the natural feminine lustre. Be it under the sun or the moon, this pomp of this piece always assists the maiden to steal the spotlight.

  • 4

    The Mesmeric Mate Forever Elizabeth Perfume

    In 2002, the celebrated brand of Elizabeth Taylor launched this luring Forever Elizabeth redolence. This token with the pinch of violets and finesse of blackberry makes the dame, donning it, create a graceful sensation all around. Whether for an official lunch or a kitty party, a spray of this is apt to magnify the docile mystique. 

  • 5

    Illustration of Individuality Sparkling White Diamonds Perfume

    The reputed signature series of Elizabeth Taylor came out in 1999 with this rakish Sparkling White Diamonds fragrance for the women who believe not in pomposity but accomplishments. The texture of narcissus and amber constitute for the unique on-spray feel. It defines the feminine worthiness that stands peerless every time and anywhere.

  • 6

    Lyrics of Poise Diamonds & Emeralds Perfume

    The style range of Elizabeth Taylor brought out the nifty Diamonds & Emeralds redolence in 1993 to gift all women a pep for their inherent charisma. The exquisite union of white rose and mandarin orange render both the ardors of refinement and buoyancy to every feminine profile donning it. For special night dates or frenzy time-out under the moon, this token is the correct match.

  • 7

    Song of Loveliness Black Pearls Perfume

    From the living definition of graciousness Elizabeth Taylor comes this refined Black Pearls aroma that serves to be the boost of youthfulness for every matured dame. The beckoning texture of blossoms and amber infuses the verve of exuberance to all the docile minds that have become fatigued with time. Launched at 1996, this piece is the perfect notion of fresh femininity.

  • 8

    Dazzle of Spontaneity Diamonds & Saphires Perfume

    In 1993, the luxury line of Elizabeth Taylor presented to the vogue world this dapper Diamonds & Saphires aroma. This piece accents with perfection the natural bewitchery of womanhood. The tenderness of jasmine and the jazz of musk sequence the feminine profile either at work or shopping. Anywhere the drizzle is meant to mesmerize. 

  • 9

    Magnificence of Allure Diamonds & Rubies Perfume

    This swank 1993 Diamonds & Rubies fragrance is meant to be a woman’s all-occasion friend. Be it a casual gathering or a decorous party, the beguiling blend of roses with sandalwood turns every dazzle as the right vibe to match the definite temperament. Elizabeth Taylor’s brand devised this piece as the stimulant to the feminine belief.

  • 10

    Elation of Peach White Diamonds Brilliant Perfume

    This faddish 2001 White Diamonds Brilliant incense is the brain-child of the enigma known to be Elizabeth Taylor. The exclusivity of every docility gets pronounced by the bewitching consistency of Bulgarian rose and honeysuckle. The splash says “How Blessed It Is To Be A Woman!” This piece essentially sequences its owner Eve with a spell that beckons every macho mind.

  • 11

    Shimmer of Eve-liness White Diamonds Lustre Perfume

    A contemporary one from the modish brand of Elizabeth Taylor, this dainty 2014 White Diamonds Lustre fragrance defines those dames who believe in pronouncing their personality within the crowd. The pleasantness of raspberry meets with the vim of bergamot to create a spray that beguiles all souls. This piece glorifies that docile profile which is decked up not by ornaments but by the inherent comeliness.