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Dose of spruce to the ambience of delicacy

Amidst the work-loaded flow of a day, cafeterias and canteens are the most coveted places, where people breathe a sigh of relief and munch on to their desired grubs. To enjoy the peace after the successful completion of the till then work and to revive oneself for the upcoming chores, these environs are the impeccable ones. Also the option of chit-chatting with mates and colleagues for a while serves as a perfect refreshment potion to the brain.

Being such indispensable for the instant mental rejuvenation of individuals, the suiting décor of these sites also matter. Necessary here is not any kind of gaudiness but the fervor of sprightliness. This point gets all the more established by the pictures uploaded by the Lithuanian interior decorator Aušrine Pudževyte about her artistic work over the walls of a Kaunas city eatery.

The snaps show how by the simple designs of spoons, kettles, cups and saucers, Aušrine has provided to the entire area a vibe which is both lively and refined.

More Info: Boredpanda | Image Credits: Facebook

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