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Delight of artistic prowess

Just like the envisioning of art knows no bound so is the experimentation of materials and canvasses used to effectuate it surpasses all limits. Along with the age old paper canvass, with the progress of society, artists have delved more and more into various other kinds of objects like glass surface, sand and even rice grains to texture their creativity. The results obtained glee-fill eyes like anything.

The illustrations of the South African creative gentleman Jonathan Horlor also vow for the above-made statement. He uses the bamboo paper and pen of dimensions 01 or 005 to give shape to various human or animal portraits. The precision exhibited in the drawings claim about the thoroughness of Jonathan.

The subtleties featured in the sketch of the frog, the elaborateness exhibited in the mandala drawing, the enigma displayed in the Valentine’s Owl overwhelm the heart of the looker. What only ink can create when fallen at dexterous fingers is a real glory to view.
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#1 Chicken Pox

#2 Valentine’s Owl

#3 Surreal Seahorse/bird Skull

#4 Mandala Madness

#5 Space Oddity – Frog

#6 Curly Haired Lady Wonder

#7 Space Oddity – Sailing

#8 Mandala Madness Owling

#9 Clowning Around