Sunday , January 17 2021
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Cosmetics create mouth-widening wonder

The make-up kit in the closet is mostly acknowledged as the mate to give the refinement to the casual daily deck-up and the oomph factor to an ornate dress up. But can these paints and brushes and powders hallucinate the eyes and the cognitive power? Most may answer with query with a No, but in this very world the wit and expertise of a dame has made this happen.

These distinctive personas, known by the name of Mimi Choi is Canadian beauty groomers who crafts illusionary three dimensional effects over her face and neck and makes that facet either bulge out or fade away. She uses her compacts, lipsticks and mascaras to make textures of snakes over the lips, eyes all over the face, chocolate proportions over her bust and big superficial lips.

Mimi avowedly proves that cosmetics are not just for augmenting the docile blush but they can also play trick with the brain.

More info: Instagram (h/t: mmm)