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Top 10 Best Rick Riordan Books – Rick Riordan written works

Rick Riordan, born in 1943, is a prolific writer. The author has written several
books on African birds and their living patterns. Some of the best Rick Riordan books
contain precise information regarding birds and their living habitats. In the early
career of his life, he wrote books on electronic engineering. Later on, he switched
to writing on his hobby-the birds. An avid traveller and explorer, he has travelled
to the far of corners of the African subcontinent for bird watching. Some of the
bestselling books of the author are Sasol’s Larger Illustrated Guide to Birds of
Southern Africa and Birds of Africa South of the Sahara.

He specializes in writing the books in a very lucid language. The core concepts of
the subjects are explains in a simple manner. He stresses on providing pictorial
information regarding the subjects for the better understanding of the readers. The
Rick Riordan books written makes interesting read. His books are ideal for the young
children who want to learn more about birds.

Besides writing, Rick Riordan loves to travel and explore. At leisure time, he loves
to read the poems from the Romantic Era. Recently, he has joined the volunteer
service to help the needful. Here are some of the best books written by him.