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Top 10 Best Richard Thomas Books – list of books by Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas is a renowned professor as well as a writer. The list of books by Richard Thomas is what made him famous. His birthplace is London but the place where he grew up in New Zealand. The University of Auckland is where Richard Thomas completed his undergraduate as well as postgraduate studies. For Ph.D. he chose the University of Michigan. He has taught in several universities like the University of Cincinnati and Cornell University. Read the complete article to find out the top rated Richard Thomas books list.

Richard Thomas has written many books on several topics. A wide range of critical approaches such as narratological approach, intertextuality, philology interested him. He had a profound interest in the classical texts. All the Richard Thomas books written are unique in their way. Some of his publications are Lands and Peoples in Roman Poetry: The Ethnographical Tradition, Reading Virgil and his Texts.

The first one is a commentary and text on Georgics by Virgil and the second one deal with Virgilian intertextuality. There are several best Richard Thomas book series for young readers that cover a wide range of topics from mythology to horror. You can buy all of them and enrich your mind.