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Top 10 Best Richard Scott Books – best Richard Scot book series

Books make a vital part of the lives of many people. They are fun, bring moments of enjoyment and leisure to all and sundry. However, just as important as the books are the author. An author can have a significant effect on the life of a person. One such author is Richard Scott. There are a great many books by Richard Scott that we can access. However, ahead of reading any of the books by Richard Scott, it would be good to have an idea about the author.

Coming to Richard Scott, he’s a retired editor, author, and publisher. He’s a former president & publisher of David McKay Company. He is also a former president & issuer of Fodor’s Travel Publications. There is more to his life that these two posts. He was a former managing publishing manager of Bookselling this Week & American Bookseller. During the 70s he had been co-host of a nation-wide syndicated radio talk event titled “In Conversation.” Before we come to the Richard Scott written works, you should know that this event went on air on the WOR radio station in New York & eleven more stations in the U.S.

Jeanne is his wife, and they reside in Peabody, Massachusetts. Next, we will have a look at some Richard Scott written works.