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List of 31 Most Amazing Andie M Long Books – List of Overrated Books

Popular books by Andie M. Long

Andie M. Long born in Sheffield, The United Kingdom is popular as the author of The Alphabet Game series, Underneath and Quickies. She is not only a good author, but her exceptional quality is too removing stress by doing household works rather than spending time in Social media. Her latest works are The Ball Games Series and Forbidden Love.

The Balls Games Series is a box set of four novellas- Balls, Snow Balls, New Balls Please and Balls Fore. It is about Turner family. In book 1 Balls, Camille Turner again meets Dylan Ball, who has grown up and became hot than before. In book 2, Snow Balls, Tyler Turner gets removal notice. It is about conflict between Son and mother, and their observation about life. New Balls Please, the book 3 is about Dora, Tim and Alpha. When they will reunite, what would be an impact on Alpha? Book 4, Balls Fore ends with making Beth upset and disarranges her perfect life.

The Alphabet Wedding is about Ronnie Taylor’s wedding, an erotic romantic comedy strictly for adults. The Baby Game is an erotic romantic comedy about Ronnie Taylor and her husband Harry. After the Alpha Series book 2, they are planning to become parents and their realization covers the story.

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