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List of 55 Most Amazing Amy Sumida Books You Should Read Tonight


Amy Sumida books for paranormal story lovers

Amy Sumida is an internationally popular author of the Prizewinning Godhunter Series, the fictional supernatural Twilight Court Series, the Beyond the Godhunter Series, the musical paranormal Spellsinger Series, and many short stories. Her books became popular in several languages. Born and brought up in Hawaii, she represents the perspective of islands in her every book. The heroines of her stories are better known for their rebel and witty nature. Since her childhood days she wanted to be a writer of novels. She is a lover of cats and toys.

The Godhunter Series consists of 21 books which are- Godhunter, Of Gods and Wolves, Oathbreaker, Marked by Death, Green Tea and Black Death, A Taste For Blood, The Tainted Web, Harvest of The Gods, A Fey Harvest, Into the Void, Out of the Darkness, Perchance to Die, Tracing Thunder, Light as a Feather, Rain or Monkeyshine, Blood Bound, Eye of Re, My Soul to Take, As the Crow Flies, Cry Werewolf, Pride Before A Fall.

The Four Clever Brothers -a paranormal fairy tale; There’s a Goddess Too; The Magic of Fabric are the other popular books by Amy Sumida. She is a pro about writing novels on such paranormal topics and incidents.

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