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List of 51 Most Amazing Amy Stewart Books You Wish You Knew Earlier


Amy Stewart and her notable books

Amy Stewart is an American writer popular for her books on horticulture and natural elements. She was a student of Arlington High School. Amy Stewart is not an a name but an example also to other writers and authors who want to get successful in this field. She is an idol to them who wants to see women as successful and compassionate to male chauvinistic world. Amy had to struggle a lot for going beyond of the average rank by showing her talent, bravery and dedication.

Among her all books top trending are- Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful. In this book, Amy takes readers on a worldwide, backstage view of the flower industry, the process of achievement to perfection. She involves the farmers, hybridizers, geneticists, and florists working to manufacture, invent and sell flowers which are larger, brighter, and stronger than anything provided for nature. There is a scientist determined on evolving the first hereditarily improved blue rose; an unconventional horticultural legend.

Girl Waits With Gun is fiction novel by Amy Stewart based on the overlooked true story of one of the country’s first lady deputy sheriffs. A nifty, romping adventure, including few of the most notable and dominant female characters have ever seen in print for years.

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