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List of 38 Fantastic Alana Terry Books To Boost Your Mood And Energy


The books of Alana Terry

Being the wife of a pastor, Alana understands well the importance of spirituality in a human life. She is a home-schooling mother and has a keen interest in suspense stories. Her desire of writing brings social plots in her creations. She is an award-winning writer. She was awarded for her novels by different organizations such as Women of faith, Book club network, Grace Awards, Readers ‘favourite etc.

Alana is a vigilant writer and habitually raises questions on the system. She favors social justice and human rights in her stories. She believes in religious freedom. Her technique of writing is far from preaching and raises strong questions in simple words.
‘Thirty days of prayer to Bless America’, ‘Pursued,’ and ‘The Beloved Daughter’ are some well-known literary creations of Alana.

These books have strong and exciting plots. Sometimes romanticism is used very carefully, which keeps the reader amused. The story of ‘The Beloved Daughter’ is about a North- Korean young girl. The girl goes through some difficulties of survival in a North Korean village. In ‘Thirty days of prayer to Bless America’ she uses devotion and each day she uses a Bible verse. The theme of this book is of ‘spiritual victories.’ ‘Pursued’ is a Christian romantic suspense story, which leaves readers amazed.

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