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Blend of psychology into creative vision

Human mind is the most incomprehensible of all the riddles existing in the world. And more complicated among these riddles are the dynamics of a lady mind. Which incident makes her happy and which person leaves what kind of impression on her heart is next to impossible to rightfully comprehend.

This statement gets more ground by the snaps of some illustrations uploaded at Instagram by the person Ranojoy Das. He claims that these are drawings done by his girlfriend who utilizes her artistic skill to fantasize about her past love-interests. Each of the illustration is a solid dose of amazement to the brain. All of them display the girl and her ex-es in a naked disposition and within a dreamy ambience surrounded by stars, trees and clouds.

The two human figures are depicted to be in two other planets with the symbol of love engraved their bosoms. With names like “Wolf Boy” or “The Doormat”, these drawings show an unique way to laud the various aspects of one’s love life.
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Psycho-Bitch again

The Doormat



Awesome Naked Boy

Awesome Naked Couple

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