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Automated tool gives a feast to eyes

Fundamentally, the computer convers ants acquaint the program of algorithm as a deft technique of calculation and data processing. But has any one of these pro people ever pondered about this mechanism of being able to illustrate pictures?

Well not known about all, but the gentleman Sergej Stoppel has indeed given this a thought. He has evolved a distinctive pattern of algorithm which is enabled in transforming any snapshot at the computer screen into a sketch. Sergej’s this exclusive style of algorithm impeccably scans the picture and sequences the illustration at pace with the construction of the pic. It perfectly maintains the disposition of the snap’s outline and guarantees that the sketch is exhibits the tone equilibrium of the original snapshot.

Following the footsteps of the digital artists such as Frieder Nake, Stoppel claims that his algorithm is authentically competent in producing the effect of such a drawing which a plotter pen creates. Among his creations, those of Audrey Hepburn and that of a tiger are worth mentioning.

More Info: Boredpanda | Image Credits: Etsy , Facebook

Audrey Hepburn

Quokka. The friendliest animal on this planet!

Scribble of a fox

Scribble of a tiger

Female study

Female Study

Female Study