Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Kenmore 2622352 top load washer, 4.2 cu ft, White

This top loading laundry appliance surpasses way ahead in serviceability to the front loader gadgets. A flagship product of the Kenmore brand and perfect to substitute the used washing machine, this device is furnished with 12 rinsing modes such as Delicate Style, Express Cleanse, Heavy Duty, Drain and Swirl and 5 diverse cleansing climates. The built-in rinse bin is erosion-resistant and secured from all sorts of damage and crevices. In comparison to the front loader machines, this washer’s closure opens up to a fairly broad mouth that allows you to put in fabrics most complacently. The cleaning competency is able to wash 19 towels at one go and to work requires about 120 electric volts. There is a separate chamber to add your distinctive cloth softening potion. The merchandise gets oriented at a Stand Alone sequence and weighs about 134 pounds. The steel made body comes at an extent of 28 x 27.5 x 43 inches.

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