Sunday , January 17 2021
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Accessories get the magical pinch

Trinkets are the forever favorite of both the genders to grace their respective innateness. Be it the precious metal ones or the informal funky ones, adornments, in any shape and form are competent to render a profile with the touch of allure.

The enigmatic power of the jewelries have been all the multiplied by the artistic vision of the Croatian jewelry designer Barbara. This dame crafts doodads based upon the theme of the fairies and the folk lore. She claims to get the interest from the stories of her grandmother who used to tell her about the magical activities of these fantasy ladies during the time when they used to reside in this world.

Most of the handicrafts of Barbara showcase an earthy or woody effect and are textured with faces and motifs. Along with her imagination, this lady nurtures her artifacts with a hint of pixie dust and makes them look all the pleasurable and desirable.
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