Ariana Grande

Let's be honest, we love all things Ariana Grande... including her outfits! From award shows, to performances, to airport attire- Ari's outfits are always adorable. Let's take a look at the styles she's rocked in the past choose your favorite!

Our Fashion Pick
of the Week

Our Fashion Pick of the Week is inspired by the new Cinderella movie, starring Lily James as Ella. The beautiful tulle skirt is beautiful, elegant, and classy. Now that spring is here, a nice pastel-colored tulle skirt is a great pick to show off your spring spirit.

Celebrity Inspirations

In the entertainment industry, there are a few celebrities who aim to inspire young women. By promoting body acceptance, individuality, equality these celebrities are our #Celebspiration! We learned to shake off the haters (Thanks T-Swift) and to stay strong and love ourselves (Thanks Demi)! Which celebrity is your inspiration?

Zendaya Knows How To Wear It

Zendaya looks good no matter if she is playing K.C Undercover or just being herself in real life. Which Zendaya look is your favorite?


When it comes to bullying, there is no "one way" to fix it. Reporting, avoiding, and standing up to a bully are all viable options. Being constantly connected to your peers because of school and social media can make this hard... but the best way to end bullying is by talking about it. How do you combat bullying? For more information, check out:

Staff Pick
of the Week

FP Cassie’s heart was a little broken this week as her favorite One Direction member Zayn parted ways with the group. He might not be in One Direction anymore, but he will always be in her heart!


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