Pitch Perfect 2 Countdown

Get your pipes warmed up and your dancing shoes ready, Pitch Perfect 2 is hitting theaters on May 15th. Some people say sequels are never as good as the originals, but we’re pretty sure this movie will be the exception. You can’t go wrong with music, romance, and an all-star cast! Who were your favorite characters from the first Pitch Perfect?

Fashion Pick of the Week: Flash tattoos

There’s something so intriguing about tattoos. Maybe it’s the fact that by getting one you’re permanently altering your skin. If you love skin art, but don’t love the commitment of a real tattoo, try flash tattoos. You apply these by pressing them to your skin with a little water, just like you did with those temporary tattoos you used as a little kid. They’re non-toxic and last about a week so even if you hate them (which you won’t) you don’t have to live with it for too long. Bonus tip: they look even better with a nice summer tan!

Festival Fashionista

Just because you weren’t at Coachella this year doesn’t mean you can’t rock festival fashion all year round. Creating a great music festival outfit is all about finding a balance between comfort and style. Just remember the #1 rule: there are no rules! There are tons of music events to look forward to, so take a look at these festival looks and get inspired!

Heart-shaped Sunglasses

As we gain more hours of daylight everyday, it’s time to break out your sunglasses! We all know not to stare directly at the sun, but did you know squinting is bad for your eyes, too? Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes and show off your style! This season, try on a pair of heart-shaped sunnies. They’re cute, playful, and protective.

Nautical Accessories

Summer is so close, we can practically smell the ocean! School might not be out yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport summery, nautical accessories. Think anchors, seashells, and fish. Life is much better down where it’s wetter!

Heatless Hairstyles

Tired of getting burned by your flat iron? Sick of damaging your locks with heat? Then check out these gorgeous no-heat hairstyles! These looks are a step above the average ponytail, and take the same (or less!) time than heat styling. With just a little practice, you can master any of these all-natural hairstyles. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Staff Pick
of the Week

White jeans
The first day of spring has come and gone, and so has FP Sam’s winter wardrobe! One of her favorite summer staples is a pair of white jeans. They go with anything and everything, they’re perfect for chilly summer nights, and you can easily dress them up or down. Best part? You don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on a pair. FP Sam loves her white jeans from Forever21, which only cost her $20!

Travel Bags

Do you have the travel bug? We do! Whether it’s visiting foreign countries, or just spending the night at a friend’s house, having a durable travel bag is a must.


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Celebrity Candy Color Hair

Pastel colors are always in for Spring, but the latest trend is wearing them in your hair! Do you think these celebs look better with natural or candy-colored locks?
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