Who Wore It Better Cat Shirts

Lions, tigers, kittens, oh my! Cat shirts are taking feline fashion to the next level, and your favorite celebrities are paving the way. Whether it’s a ferocious jungle cat, or an adorable tabby cat, there’s sure to be a style for you. So try swapping out that old leopard print shirt for a cute new cat tee!

Fashion Pick of the Week: Printed Shoes

Warm weather and floral prints go together like peanut butter and jelly, but have you ever considered wearing floral prints on your feet? From sandals to sneakers, fresh florals look great on all styles of footwear. Our favorite part about these flowery shoes is that they add a pop of color and happiness to any outfit!

Kendall vs Kylie

Move over Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Jenner sisters are here! We love how Kendall and Kylie have such distinct styles, but still manage to look great together. From lounging in LA to rocking the red carpet, Kendall and Kylie’s looks are always trendy and on point. The Jenner sisters make a great pair, but whose team are you on?


Even though kimonos are traditionally Japanese, this doesn’t mean you can’t rock a kimono-inspired look. The laid-back, flowy feel of a kimono pullover is perfect for any casual occasion. A kimono-inspired pullover is lightweight and helps you cover up exposed shoulders.

Celebrate Who You Are

The great thing about beauty is that it has no one form. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Be proud of your beauty and how unique you truly are. No one can ever take that from you and you shouldn’t listen to those who try!

Taylor Swift Street Fashion

Taylor Swift is constantly transforming in front of our eyes. Whether it’s her music or her style- she is not afraid to be noticed. We love how she can wear preppy dresses and rocker-chic looks in the same week. Thanks Taylor for telling us to discover ourselves and express who we are everyday! Which of TSwift looks is your fave?

Staff Pick
of the Week

Combat Boots During Summer
FP Kia loves recycling her winter fashion in the summer months. When she isn’t barefoot on the beach, Kia loves to wear floral dresses or high waisted shorts with her combat boots from the winter months! As long as it isn’t too hot out, it is a great way to make your outfit a little more edgy!

Celebrity Siblings

Family comes first, and that is no different when you’re a celebrity. Take a look at the Jenner sisters or Willow and Jaden Smith! These celebs bond with their favorite siblings even with busy schedules and a hollywood lifestyle...and we love it! Which celebrity sibling is the best?


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Celebrity Besties

Just like you and your best friend, celebrities aren’t shy when it comes to showing their BFFs some love! Which celeb besties are your favorite?
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